Mission and Vision

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L Loyal to SERVE the people
A Assurance of guaranteed QUALITY
C Competitive, Affordable PRICE
R Reliable prompt and efficient SERVICE
O Outstanding result and efficiency
E Equality and fairness to EVERYBODY
S Service oriented to MANKIND
U Ultimate GOAL is to help and cure
S Subject to the ALMIGHTY and the PEOPLE


To be the leading Filipino company that is dedicated in providing products and services of trusted quality to the entire humanity.To achieve this vision we will:

  • Conduct ourselves with integrity, teamwork, and live according to our company values;
  • Pursue superior performance in every activity;
  • Foster an internal environment of innovation, collaboration, trust and care.

With this on our hands, La Croesus Pharma, Inc. will be the industry's preferred partner, and stockholders' preferred investment.


We are committed in providing high quality pharmaceutical, veterinary, consumers other healthcare products and services which are compliant to regulatory and other requirements.

It is also our commitment to continually improve our products, services, processes, people's competence and welfare, and the Quality Management System.